How to Pick The Right Fitted Blinds For a Comfy Home

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Fitted Blinds

Posted: 25 August 2017

You’ve likely taken the time to make sure the design and accents of your space make you feel right at home, but you still can’t help but feel you forgot something.

What have you done with your windows?

Window treatments are more than just solutions for natural light or pretty views. They are opportunities to add a sense of warmth and comfort to any room.

Blinds go a long way to truly tie a room together. They are the final touch to cozy up your living room or add a little extra privacy to your bedroom.

The right fitted blinds are the missing piece to your perfect puzzle.

Here Are 4 Things to Consider to Choose the Right Fitted Blinds for Your Home

1. Privacy

Fitted blinds give you the option of filtering just how much light enters a room without completely shutting the natural light out.

Blind slats come in 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2-inch options. Think about how you want the blinds to look throughout the day. The 1/2 inch is the most contemporary, but a thick slat looks lovely when hung vertically along a sliding glass door or a big window.

Keep in mind thin slats allow for light to trickle in as they are open and provide the most privacy. Thicker slats will let more light, and more visibility, into your home.

2. Use

Blinds come in vertical or horizontal lines.

Vertical lines are great for big spaces – think windows you want to keep open most of the day or sliding glass doors which people will often pass through.

Small spaces benefit from horizontal lines, which can make it seem like your windows are bigger than they actually are.

Also, consider the way you want your blinds to open and close. Some go from top to bottom while others can be bottom-up or a combination of both.

3. Materials

Fitted blinds come in many kinds of material.

Wood blinds are the most popular, as they bring a soft, natural feel to help establish a cozy environment. If you like this look, remember faux wood is less expensive and easier to maintain.

Aluminum blinds are available for the more modern home. This kind of decor is sleek and elegant.

Other options include thermal blinds and natural fabrics. Thermal blinds can contribute to the temperature of the room, meaning you can manipulate your space in conjunction with the a/c to use less energy.

Natural fabrics are kind of like a combination of using wood and thin slats. They let in just enough light and still offer a warm, welcoming touch to the room.

4. Tones and Shades

Once you have an idea of the kind of fitted blinds you want, take a moment to consider the tone of the room they are for.

Do you want to add a pop of color with bold blinds?

If so, make sure you already love the color of the room and pick blinds you will enjoy for a long time. If not, the best color option is to choose blinds whose color is closest to the window trimming. This allows window treatments to blend right in.

Shades are another option to blinds. Motorized window shades, for example, are a convenient alternative and come in beautiful tones and materials.

The Takeaway

Shades offer the right amount of privacy while still letting natural light to flow in.

Have you found the fitted blinds your home was missing?

Tell us how your space has transformed from window treatments in the comments below!

Pick the Right Fitted Blinds

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