Renovation 101: Your Complete House Remodeling Management Guide

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Renovation 101

Posted: 5 February 2019

Whether you’re trying to upgrade your kitchen or flip an entire house, undergoing a remodel can be a stressful and chaotic situation.

There is always going to be a little bit of chaos whenever you involve construction, that’s the nature of tearing apart a living space. That said, with the proper management you can cut down on the disorder and get through your remodel quickly and efficiently.

If you’re getting ready to take on your first big project or you’re a seasoned flipper who would like their next remodel to go smoothly, we can help.

Here is your complete house remodeling management guide to make sure your next project is a successful one.

Start with Lists

The first step to any remodel is to create a detailed plan.

Before you pick up a hammer and start knocking down walls, you need to make sure you have every other aspect of the remodel set and ready to go.

Take the time to write down each project you need to tackle during your renovation and what needs to get done within each of those projects. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep track of what you’ve accomplished and what still needs doing.

Make sure to write out everything from the materials you’ll need to how you plan to handle construction security during your build.

Build a Tentative Schedule

While it helps to have a detailed game plan, you can’t account for everything that’s going to happen during a remodel.

Unexpected damage, surprise weather changes, and sudden cancellations can all knock a remodel off its tracks. So, you should try to include as many “Ifs” in your plan as you can.

Create a schedule to help you keep track of the order in which you should do things and of appointments you’ve set with contractors.

Leave cushions of time around each event. If you think it’s going to take three days to knock out old cabinets, then you should schedule for five.

Also, you should keep your schedule on a whiteboard or a computer, somewhere you can easily edit it.

Consolidate Your Contacts

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in remodeling there are projects you shouldn’t take on by yourself. And for those projects, you’re going to have to hire a contractor.

Contractors can be great for getting more challenging projects done the right way and on time. But, if you’re going to be dealing with more than one contractor, finding contact information can get confusing fast.

Keep all your contractors’ contact information in the same place to cut down on the tie you spend hunting for numbers.

Along with phone numbers and email addresses, you should make a point to write down your contractor’s full name and company name. You should also include a description of the job each contractor is doing and when they’re supposed to do it.

Don’t Take Everything on at Once

Home renovations can be incredibly complex and time-consuming projects. Which is why it’s important you try not to bite off more than you can chew.

Be sure to break your renovation up into small, easy to manage projects that you can take on one at a time. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed and going over your allotted time and budget.

Learn When to Put Your Foot Down

It’s a fate as inevitable as death and taxes.

Whenever you hire a contractor, they’re going to try to upsell you on something or question one of your decisions at some point during a remodel.

The last and most essential trick to mastering home remodel management is to learn how to put your foot down and stand up for your decisions.

Unless a contractor can present you with a legitimate reason for changing your plans, you should stick with your original plan as much as you can.

Your Complete House Remodeling Guide

Preparing for a renovation is hard, but if you’re willing to put in the time, you won’t have to worry about your project overwhelming you later.

Now that you know the ins and outs of house remodeling management, it’s time to get to work.

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Renovation 101

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