How to Shop Online for Flattering Lingerie for Any Body Type

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Flattering Lingerie

Posted: 12 March 2018

When women want to feel sexy, the first thing that most think of is lingerie.

Women’s undergarments come in many forms, styles, colors, and materials. And shopping for undergarments is a personal experience that’s different for every woman.

But what should be an empowering and exciting experience can easily make any woman feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Just as there are many types of lingerie, there are also many body shapes. What looks and feels good for one woman doesn’t necessarily mean it will for the next.

That’s why we’re here to discuss how to find flattering lingerie for any body type, as well as how to shop for it online.

Lingerie According to Body Type

We know how difficult it can be to gauge which type of undergarments are best suitable for your body type.

Which is why we’re going to break down each body type to make it easier for you to know what to look for.


You’re small in height and shape and you have small proportioned curves. With your body type, you can rock just about any piece of lingerie.

But if you want to appear more curvaceous, first, you’ll need a good push-up bra. The smaller your bust, the more push-up you should aim for. Look for push-up bras with light padding and lace or picot embroidery.

You also want to look for bras that swoop down in a v-neck style. The same goes for underwear.

V-shaped bikini panties are your best bet as they’ll create more hip to your narrow frame.


When it comes to having a fuller chest, there’s less need for push-up bras. So, what types of bras should women with large busts look for?

The key is to look for bras with seamless support or ones marketed as minimizing bras. These bras will reduce your bust without any discomfort.

Look for bras with a semi-demi cut. They’ll accentuate your waistline and shoulders.

If your hips are fuller, focus on boy short style underwear that’s loose and lacy around the edges. The more lacy and bouncier, the better your curves will look.

When it comes to nighties and chemises, look for v-neck pieces. Then, make sure they fall just above the thigh.


You have an average to full bust with broad shoulders. Your waist is less defined and you have narrow hips. You tend to carry more weight in your midsection.

The best undergarments for your apple body type are pieces that will elongate your torso. You also want pieces that will accentuate your waistline.

Sheer chemises and babydoll nighties look great on your body type. Not only because they hide the extra weight. They enhance your cleavage and neckline, as well as make your torso appear longer.

When it comes to underwear, you want to think high. Look for high-rise panties that smooth out your midsection and show off your booty. You can rock anything from thongs to boy shorts, especially in lace.


You have a defined waist with a small bust. Meanwhile, you have full hips and thighs.

Short chiffon or sheer gowns and chemises will enhance your lower body. At the same time, you want to draw attention to your chest, neckline, and shoulders. So, the thinner the straps, the better.

When it comes to underwear, look for pieces cut higher at the sides. You want to play up your curvy hips, especially with underwear that’s made of lace or silk.


Your waistline is less defined and your torso and lower body aren’t curvy. You may even have an athletic, sculpted build.

In either case, you want lingerie that will create the illusion of curves. Nighties and chemises made of colorful, opaque lace are key.

At the same time, your challenge is finding pieces that aren’t too tight and not too loose. With looser undergarments, you’ll create the illusion of having curves.

Then, you’re going to want a push-up bra to play up your chest and shoulders.

The Deal with Choosing Colors

It’s pretty much free reign when it comes to colors. But to enhance your body type, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Darker colors tend to enhance curvier figures more so than light colors. That’s not to say you can’t rock white or pastel pink with a big bust and derriere. But you can accentuate your curves and still hide extra weight better in darker hues.

Slimmer figures can get away better with pastels. But if making your body appear curvier is your goal, go for darker colors.

You also want to pay attention to which colors go best with your skin tone. This is especially pertinent to undergarments.

Tips to Follow When Browsing Online

Now that you know which types of sexy undergarments will best suit your body type, it’s time to browse online.

We know: This may feel intimidating. Especially since you won’t be able to try on the undergarments before you buy.

But with the following tips to keep in mind, you don’t have to hesitate about shopping for lingerie online.

Treat Yourself!

If you’re someone who browses for lingerie on the regular, then you probably have a few brands in mind. And when it comes to making yourself feel sexy, why skimp out if you can afford it?

Don’t hesitate to shop for the brands you absolutely adore!

Judge Away

Whether you’re treating yourself or staying on budget, choosing a brand can get tricky.

First, scroll and see what they have in stock. What are their categories? Do they have the types of undergarments that best suit your body type?

Most online stores will feature just about every type of lingerie imaginable. But that doesn’t mean that every store will actually have pieces for your specific body type.

The first thing to glance for is a site’s pictures. Are the models all thin, or is there a variety of body types and sizes presented?

Another thing to look for is what the site actually looks like. Does it look modern and updated? Or does it have a layout that seems straight out of 1999?

Don’t feel bad about judging a site based on the way it looks and the models and products it features. You want to feel like shopping with a company again even before your order arrives.

Know When to Move On

Next, you want to see what sizes they actually carry. Click on any type of undergarment (especially one that suits your own body type) and look at the sizes they offer.

Take an athletic build, for example. A woman with this type of build will have a sculpted frame and less breast tissue.

She wants something that will accentuate her build but give her chest a boost. So, a push-up bra is her best bet.

Does an online store that sells push-up bras have a selection of A to B cup sizes, though? If yes, this is probably an online store she can shop at. If not, she should move on and find a different site.

Check the Return Policy

No matter how strategic you are when you shop online, sometimes a garment simply won’t fit. Maybe the color doesn’t look right, or the material doesn’t feel comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you shop for lingerie online or in the store. Returning it and exchanging can happen even to the best of online shoppers.

That’s why it’s important to check an online store’s return policy.

Nobody wants to feel punished when something they buy online ends up not being for them. The best online stores know this and have reasonable return policies.

Don’t shop at online stores that give you 10 days or less to return something. Avoid online stores that don’t have return policies at all!

Take Advantage of Sales

You also want to pay attention to the types of sales that a store has, and how often they feature new products.

Sites that regularly advertise sales and new products don’t just indicate more selection. More sales and new inventory also mean that the company is serious about what they do.

You can visit Three Wishes to see what we mean. They have new undergarments for every season — all year round.

They also carry everything from undergarments, costumes, women’s clothing, and accessories. Because why not add style with jewelry, garter belts, and more?

Customize Your Searches

Searching for undergarments will likely begin with you typing “lingerie” into Google. But, if you haven’t already discovered, you’ll find hundreds of online stores to choose from.

So, how do you sift through the choices and find online stores that will suit your body type?

It begins by playing around with the keywords you’re searching for.

Start by searching for your body type. Something like “lingerie for big bust” or “for pear shape” are some examples.

Again, you’ll have a variety of online shops pop up. But you’ll also have results for blogs and online magazine articles come up. Many of these will list brands that best suit the body type you searched for.

On a budget?

Customize your search with keywords like “cheap” or “budget”. You can even customize your search to any color or material your heart desires! There’s really no limit to the types of lingerie you can search for online.

Feel like Your Best, Beautiful, Confident Self

Any woman – no matter her body type – can feel sexy in her underwear. And when it comes to shopping for undergarments online, there’s no reason to shy away.

Now that you have a better idea of how to shop for lingerie online, why not go the extra mile to look glamorous? Check out these beauty life hacks that are not only inexpensive but easy to do!

If you have any suggestions when it comes to finding sexy undergarments, drop us a comment. And if you’re looking for deals and giveaways on lingerie, stay tuned to our clothing section!

Flattering Lingerie


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