How To Stop Unwanted Phone Calls

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unwanted phone calls

Posted: 14 May 2018

Your phone starts ringing. You look down at the caller ID and see that it’s an unknown number.

You know that if you pick up you will either be harassed to sign up for a service you don’t want, or it will be an automated voice pretending to be your bank. What do you do?

Unwanted phone calls irritate most Americans. Luckily, there are things we can do to prevent these calls from showing up on our call display screen ever again.

If you’re ready to put an end to unwanted phone calls once and for all, keep reading.

1. Don’t Respond to Unwanted Phone Calls

First and foremost, never answer the phone and confirm your number is correct to an automated caller. This is often a trick some scammers use to validate your number is for a real person and can, therefore, be a potential scam.

When you get text messages telling you to click a link- don’t. Any company you do business with has your phone number and, if they’re a legitimate company, their number will show up in your call display.

If you’re a business, consider hiring a telephone answering service to handle unsolicited calls so you don’t have to.

2. Do Not Call Registry

This registry is only available to Americans and it’s an excellent way to curb your telemarketing calls.

Register your phone number and it will become unreachable by most telemarketers and scammers. There are a few exceptions, like companies you’ve done business with in the past and tax-exempt non-profits, which will still be able to get through.

Also, any time you get a call from a telemarketer you should ask them to put you on their “do not call” list.

3. Prevent Robocalls

Robocalls are the automated voice calls you get to your landline and the pre-recorded voicemail messages to your cell phone. It can be incredibly frustrating not being able to speak to another human on the other end.

First, when the automated caller gives you a chance to speak, tell them to take you off their call list. Record the date and time as well as their number. This call is being recorded so they’ll have a record of your request.

Then, when they call again as they inevitably will, you need to call or email the FCC and report the number. You can give them the exact date and time you asked them to stop calling, and now they are in violation of your request.

You should also call your service provider and ask if they provide any anti-robocall technology.

4. Block Unknown Numbers

You can search the number you keep receiving calls from online and see what other users have reported happening on this website; see if other people are being targeted by that number too.

Your cell phone allows you to block numbers. Use that feature, and consider installing an app that provides extra protection. PrivacyStar works with both iPhones and Androids.

Interested in Learning More?

Unwanted phone calls are a nuisance to your daily life and an invasion of your privacy. Using the tips above will aid in the prevention of these annoying calls to your number.

If you’d like to learn more life hacks, guides, and tips, check out our blog.

unwanted phone calls


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