How to Style Affordable Jewelry So it Looks Expensive

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Affordable Jewelry

Posted: 12 January 2018

Nothing makes a woman feel quite as elegant as a well-placed piece of beautiful jewelry.

Whether it’s a sparkling bauble on her finger or a delicate chain accenting her neck, jewelry can truly take an ensemble to the next level. However, when it comes to precious gems and metals, you get what you pay for.

If you can’t afford to spend an extra rent payment on a statement necklace, worry not. With a little strategy, you can make Claire’s look like Cartier.

Here are our favorite tips for choosing affordable jewelry whose looks don’t match their price tags.

Avoid Unnatural Looking Metals

Nothing screams cheap like too-light, ultra-shiny metals.

When you’re shopping for affordable jewelry that looks like it cost more than a cheeseburger, keep your eyes out for metals that have a deeper tone. Shiny gold and tinny silver pieces look as inexpensive as they are. Opt for darker shades, and your metals won’t put off a costume vibe.

Another tip: stay away from “distressed” looking jewelry with that telltale black paint. When real gold ages, it turns almost a deep bronze in color — nothing like you’d find at the mall. If you want a piece that looks vintage without sacrificing quality, check out a local flea market.

Steer Clear of Statement Jewelry

There are a time and place for statement pieces, but not when you’re shopping for affordable jewelry.

Large, inexpensive pieces often run the risk of looking garish and gaudy. Most upscale jewelry tends to have a simple and elegant aesthetic. Stick with a similar feel for your less pricey finds.

If you want a bigger look without sacrificing style, try layering a variety of simpler pieces. Play with shapes, color, and texture, and choosing the feel that works for you.

Choose Heavy Looking Metals

To avoid a cheap look, it’s essential to choose jewelry that has a substantial weight to it.

Despite its malleability, gold, in particular, is incredibly dense. If you’re wearing a cheap metal or plastic piece, it’s not going to pass for high quality if it’s not hanging right. If you’re looking for examples of what high-quality metals look like, refer to this useful website.

If you absolutely must buy a piece made of flimsy metal, choose a dainty, delicate piece. It’ll be much less obvious than a larger piece that’s not carrying its weight.

Avoid Glitzy Fake Gemstones

If you can’t resist the allure of gems and stones in your affordable jewelry, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

Fake gemstones that are colored or overly shiny don’t look lux — they look cheap. Green plastic isn’t fooling anyone into thinking it’s an emerald.

When you want to add the sparkle factor to your jewelry, opt for a clear, white rhinestone or crystal. This is the best way to add high-quality glitz on a budget.

Dressing Up Your Affordable Jewelry

Keeping these tips in mind will help you choose inexpensive jewelry that doesn’t look cheap. Just remember to take off the price tag!

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Affordable Jewelry

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