Swedish Wash Cloths Review – Wet It! Dish Cloths

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Posted: 1 August 2017

Swedish dish clothes, never heard of them. I saw a set of three at a local culinary shop in our little chain of predominantly Scandinavian towns. When dry, they look and feel like cardboard and are about as thick, in fact, they didn’t feel at all like cloth. I thought for sure this piece of material was going to fall apart when I got it wet, certainly it would crumble when used to scrub the millions of pots and dishes that accumulate in my country kitchen.

Like any other human would naturally do I went home and googled them. Wetcloths.com was where I landed and the fun began. I scrolled through the numerous patterns, vegetable, kitchen decor, fruits, seasonal patterns; the choices were endless. I decided to be whimsical. Pigs, yes that is it, pigs. Cute little Charlette’s Web looking piggies were coming to my house. I was still skeptical the clothes would be worth my time or money (each cloth on the site is priced at $5.95) but they sure were cute!

Two Little Pigs

Like a little miracle sent from farm heaven not only do these rugged wash clothes become swishy and pliable in water like any other wash cloth, they also scrub like a durable power towel. I can use bleach on these piggy’s just like a normal wash rag without damaging the prints, machine wash them or better yet I throw them in the top rack of my dishwasher when I start it at night!

Squished Towel

What are these things made of? Wet-it Swedish dish clothes are made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton and get this, because of the materials they are made of Swedish dish clothes are 100% biodegradable! Good for the environment and cute for my kitchen? Ah..yes, please! According to the website with normal use, these clothes easily last six months. However, I probably use mine more than normal and it’s been eight months.

Wetcloths.com has a new product out called Dry-it mats that I have not tried yet. Maybe this time I will choice cows are chickens to hang out with my two little pigs.

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