How to Take the Ultimate Vacation Under $1,000

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Ultimate Vacation

Posted: 8 March 2018

These days, more and more people are choosing to spend their money on experiences versus objects. Maybe it’s a millennial effect or maybe it’s the ease in which we can access things now.

Thanks to ride-sharing apps, easy lodging websites, and more, things like travel and adventure are becoming more affordable. You can even plan a vacation under $1,000 and have the time of your life.

Does this sound a little far-fetched to you?

It’s not. Planning a vacation under $1,000 is quite simple if you know what you’re doing. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

1. Sign Up for Vacation Alerts

You might have heard of someone in your network who found an amazing deal to fly overseas. Maybe someone else booked a last-minute flight to their hometown a few states away, just because it was too good to pass up.

Sometimes, these situations are pure chance. Most of the time, though, there is a system behind the way flight fares work.

Flight alert subscriptions help you get the most out of your money. Note, these subscriptions have a fee.

But, what if you split this fee with a few friends so that you can each get this information? This makes such a service much more affordable – and it spreads the fun for all!

Other vacation alerts can come free of charge. Stop deleting or spamming your credit card emails that come through. A few of those may be ways to use your points as flight mileage, which can significantly offset costs.

2. Travel During the Off Season

While you’re looking for flights on low-fee sites or trying to add up all your credit card points, be conscious of where you want your vacation under $1,000 to be, and when you want to go.

The best way to save money on any destination is to go when it’s not peak season. Even major cities like New York or London have their fluctuations of tourists coming in and out.

Do a bit of research and find your opportunity. This may mean you take a Caribbean vacation during Thanksgiving or go to a place a little off the grid during the summer.

Wherever it is you want to go, waiting for the right time can save you a lot of money. Find out when its peak tourist season is and plan accordingly.

3. Budget, Budget, Budget

Speaking of planning accordingly, break up your budget. It’s one thing to know you want to enjoy a vacation under $1,000, but it’s another to understand how it adds up.

Think of your food, travel, experiences, and any emergencies that may occur. Then think of which things you’re willing to sacrifice.

Also, look for any savings options that may apply to you. This includes student, senior, or veteran discounts. It can also be something as simple as going to a museum during its free admission hours or catching a matinee showing instead of something after dinner.

Such changes are pretty simple to make to your schedule. Not to mention, they spread your dollars further than you might think.

To be even more resourceful, research food bloggers that are native to or have traveled to the place you’re going. They will know all the spots that are worth checking out and that won’t take all your money.

4. Skip the 5-Star Hotel

Food is one of the easiest ways money on a trip adds up. Another, though, is where you stay. You don’t always need to splurge on the most expensive lodging – especially since you’re not on a vacation under $1,000 to sleep!

The point is to enjoy the place you’re in. Go out and adventure. Walk around the city or the town and talk to the locals and see the sights.

Then, go rest at your Airbnb, or your CouchSurfing arrangement, or your hostel. These are just a few ways you can cut expenses and still have a comfortable stay.

Look for Airbnb’s that are a little bit away from the main city center. This puts you close to the action without having to pay the most expensive rates. Practice a similar method if you choose to try CouchSurfing.

Hostels, on the other hand, are a bit hit and miss. These require extra research to get the best one.

Some will be so nice and well-kept that they are pretty much a hotel, and the expenses will reflect that. Others will be a little too cheap, and the cleanliness or the crowds will explain why.

However, there is a hostel out there that is sure to be a perfect fit for your comfort level and budget.

5. Do a Mini Road Trip

Here’s a radical idea – what if you sleep in your car?

You wouldn’t be the first traveler to do it, and certainly not the last. But, to be more realistic, consider using your car as the key form of travel, instead of taking a plane or a train.

Do a road trip around your state or to the next state over. Hit your area’s national parks, large cities, and/or small towns. There is bound to be something close to you that you’ve never really explored.

Planning a vacation under $1,000 gives you the opportunity to do just that! Plus, your road trip may lead you to discover a new weekend getaway location you like, for even less than $1,000.

6. Take an Alternative Vacation Under $1,000

Road trips are sometimes considered alternative vacations. One could argue that they go either way, depending on the length and luxury of the trip.

But, on the subject of alternative travel, here are a few other things you may want to try to vacation under $1,000.

  • go on a cruise
  • do a staycation in your own town
  • visit family or friends
  • go camping or glamping
  • find a work for stay program to try out

These are just a few ways to travel for cheap. Some options out there even let you travel and get paid! You just have to do your research to discover such opportunities.

7. See What You Can Win

Still don’t think you can squeeze a vacation under $1,000 and enjoy yourself? See if the odds are in your favor – your giveaway odds, that is.

Giveaways happen all the time. They could be for resorts, flights, cash amounts, or even a Magic Kingdom VIP tour. These are all free things that can be yours!

Maybe a little bit of extra cash is what you need to make your trip complete. Maybe, you need tickets to your favorite show or theme park in order to make your small budget worthwhile.

Whatever your situation is, a giveaway can help. The only catch is you won’t know until you enter!

Take the Vacation of Your Dreams

How do giveaways work? Where do you even find these awesome travel opportunities?

With us. Blog Giveaway is your go-to source for all things travel, sports, cash, and more. We have new giveaways happening all the time, and one is sure to be a hit for you.

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Ultimate Vacation

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