Top 5 Pieces of Affordable Home Security Equipment

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Affordable Home Security

Posted: 25 January 2018

The internet is full of DIY life hacks that you can use in your home, in the office, or in your life to enjoy more peace and happiness.

But what about DIY life hacks that help to protect your life, and that of your family?

Each year in the U.S. alone, there are more than one million home invasions. While the majority of these home invasions aren’t violent, most of them do end in extensive damage to the home and a loss of property.

More importantly, they lead to a loss of security.

Whether you’ve been the victim of a home invasion in the past, or are just looking to increase your home security system, keep reading. We’re breaking down five affordable pieces of security equipment that anyone can add to their home to help put their minds at ease and keep their family safe.

1. Motion Detector Lights

One of the easiest, and perhaps least expensive, pieces of security equipment that you can install is a motion detector light.

These can be mounted on your garage, above your front door, in your backyard, or anywhere else that a criminal might target. When someone walks by these lights, they automatically turn on.

Not only is the sudden light great for scaring away potential home invaders, but they can also provide light when you’re getting home late. They can also help your other security equipment, such as cameras, work properly.

2. Security Cameras

Unless you choose a live-feed camera, which is more expensive, security cameras may not stop a home invasion. But they are invaluable for catching the criminal after the invasion.

Police make an arrest in just 13 percent of home invasions. A security camera can help increase your chances of getting justice.

Home invasions occur all hours of the day. Because a normal camera won’t catch much in the dark, consider investing in a night vision hidden camera instead.

3. Window Alarms

Nothing stops a potential criminal faster than a blaring alarm.

If a full alarm system isn’t in your budget, window alarms are a great alternative. These are easy to install and will sound off when someone tries to force your window open.

4. A Better Hiding Space for Spare Keys

If you’ve been stowing a spare key under your front doormat or on the ledge above your door, you’re making it too easy for criminals to break in.

These common hiding spots are easy to find. Even fake rocks can be a quick find for an experienced criminal.

Instead, consider installing a small lock box to stow away your key.

5. A Pick-Proof Deadbolt

Experienced criminals will have little trouble picking your front door lock.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools you can use to make their job much harder. A pick-proof deadbolt is one of those tools.

Increase Safety with This Security Equipment

Any combination of these affordable pieces of security equipment can help protect your home, property, and family from home invasions.

While you’re working to increase security outside of your home, don’t forget about checking the inside for potential problems as well.

Dangerous substances found in everyday products could be putting your family at even more risk of harm than potential home invasion. Asbestos is one such substance.

Click here to learn some signs that could indicate that your home needs an asbestos inspection.

Affordable Home Security

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