Top 5 Resort Amenities You Should Look for When Vacationing

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resort amenities

Posted: 20 December 2017

Do you know what to look for in resort amenities?

You’ve worked hard to earn your vacation and you want to make it special.

As the hotel industry vies for your attention and reservation, resorts have upped their game when it comes to amenities.

Some amenities can be as extravagant as room service for pets, which is was The Lowell Hotel in New York City offers. They can also be as simple as a painting class.

How do you know what you should look for in a resort? Keep reading for the top 5 resort amenities you’ll want.

1. Sports Activities

Resorts are well known for offering everything you need during your vacation. That includes any physical activities to stay in shape during your vacation.

Golf and tennis are the most popular resort activities. Most resorts also have a health and fitness center to get your workouts in while you’re away.

2. Kids activities

If you’re traveling with the family, you’re going to want to drop off the kids at some point and get precious time for yourself.

Resorts that have kids’ activities will allow you to do just that. The best resorts have kids clubs that have planned activities that will keep the kids busy all day.

3. Spa

For many people, they want to completely lose themselves in a resort. That means having a spa day.

The best spas offer ways to clear your mind and replenish your soul. Serenity Spa is one place where you can do that. You can take yoga and get a massage and complete bodywork done.

4. VIP Experiences

Some resorts started to offer VIP experiences to their guests. These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are wonderful if you truly want to spoil yourself.

For example, the Viceroy Riviera Maya offers a soap concierge. When you arrive at the resort, you’re treated to a Mayan blessing and taken to your villa. That’s when the soap concierge comes out and explains the different soaps in your room.

These experiences are so unique, you’re going to want to capture them and take photos.

5. Educational classes

Resorts realize that not everyone is interested in golf or tennis. Some people might be interested in culture or history.

That’s where great resorts separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Imagine learning about Hawaiian culture in Hawaii or learning how to cook Thai food in Thailand.

If you consider yourself to be a foodie, look for resorts that offer cooking classes at their facilities.

The Price of Resort Amenities

One thing to look for before you book your resort is the resort fee. That’s charged by hotels and resorts on top of the advertised rate of your room. It’s a mandatory fee, regardless of whether you used any amenities or not.

The average resort fee is about $25 per night. That can add up quickly.

Be sure to check the fine print or call the hotel prior to booking.

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