The Top Basketball Shoes on the Market Today

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Top Basketball Shoes

Posted: 16 March 2018

Whether you’re hoping to become an NBA pro or just like to play on the weekends, who doesn’t want a pair of shoes that look great and help you play your best?

If you’re in the market for new shoes, check out this list of the best basketball shoes on the market.

Best Basketball Shoes

Listed below are some of the top basketball shoes on the market for you to compare and contrast.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro

It’s hard to go wrong with any pair of Nikes, but the Nike Air Foamposite Pro is a particularly great basketball shoe.

They’re extremely light and comfortable, so you can play all day in them. They also have great traction, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding on the floor if you’re playing indoors.

The Nike Air Foamposite Pro comes in 30 different colors and designs, so everyone can find a pair that fits their own personal style.

They are pricey, but you get what you pay for, and the consensus among basketball enthusiasts everywhere is that these shoes are worth every penny.

Under Armour Curry 3s

The Curry 2s may not have been particularly well-received, but the Curry 3s are definitely an improvement.

The Under Armour Curry 3s offer tons of ankle support while also featuring a sleek and stylish design.

They also are made with anti-friction cloth that helps minimize sweating while keeping your feet cool and dry as you play.

They have great traction, too, so you’ll never have to worry about slipping during the game.

The Curry 3s are much more affordable than the Nike Air Foamposite Pro, which makes them perfect for folks on a budget. They also come in 23 different colors.

Jordan True Flight

It wouldn’t be a list of best basketball shoes if it didn’t feature a pair of Jordans.

The Jordan True Flight is a high-quality, lightweight shoe that won’t slow you down. They will provide plenty of support for maximum comfort, though.

They have rubber soles that will last and provide excellent traction for a long time. They also feature a pull tab that makes them easy to take off when your game is over.

These shoes are more expensive than the Curry 3s, but, compared to other Jordans and the Nikes mentioned above, they’re quite reasonably priced.

Nike Hyperdunk

The Nike Hyperdunk is another great Nike shoe that is a bit more affordable than the Air Foamposite Pro.

The Nike Hyperdunk is a classic basketball shoe that is known for being extremely comfortable, light, and explosive.

They also come with great ankle protection and are breathable, so there’s no risk of your feet overheating. They have plenty of cushioning, too, making them one of the most comfortable options on the market.

The Nike Hyperdunks only come in five different colors, so there are not as many options as the other shoes on the list. But, you can still choose a pair that matches your personal style best.

Need More Tips on Finding the Right Gear?

Whether you’re looking for basketball shoes, jerseys, or any other kind of athletic gear, be sure to check out our blog regularly for the latest tips.

Top Basketball Shoes

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