The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Fancy Ceiling Fans

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fancy ceiling fans

Posted: 13 November 2017

Looking to update your living space with some chic style? Fancy ceiling fans are the way to go! With a variety of finish options, ceiling fans can do more than just circulate air in a room, they can add a touch of refined glamour to any room.

From sleek and modern to elaborate and traditional, it’s easy to find a fancy ceiling fan that will match your personal style and decor.

Want a new ceiling fan but not sure where to start? Read on for the ultimate buyer’s guide to fancy ceiling fans.

What Are the Benefits Of a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling Fans Circulate Healthy Airflow

Ceiling fans circulate air around a room, which keeps the air in your home from getting stale. This also keeps your rooms feeling fresh and breezy.

Ceiling Fans Are Energy-Efficient & Affordable

During the summer, you may be tempted to run an air-conditioner and, in the process, run up your electricity bill. Ceiling fans use less electricity than air conditioners, which makes them both affordable and environmentally friendly.

Ceiling Fans Provide Both Heating & Cooling Options

By forcing warm air downward during the winter and stirring up the air in the summer, ceiling fans decrease the demands on your heating and cooling systems.

Ceiling fans can cool a room when the weather warms up without having to turn on the air conditioner. If you run your ceiling fan clockwise, it can also push hot air down, heating your room when the weather cools down.

Ceiling Fans Are Easy To Use

Most ceiling fan models are designed with easy-to-use remotes or pull chains that can be adapted for lighter dimmers. This means you can not only adjust the speed of your fan but also easily change the lighting in your room as well.

What Are the Most Common Ceiling Fans?

Here are the 3 most common ceiling fan types you can choose from:

Hanging Propeller Ceiling Fan

Hanging propeller ceiling fans are one of the most standard ceiling fan options. They resemble a plane’s propeller hanging from a pole attached to the ceiling.

Directional Ceiling Fan

Directional ceiling fans turn at an angle to ventilate a specific area, unlike a hanging propeller which is designed to ventilate a whole room.

Rotational Ceiling Fan

Rotational fans combine design elements from both directional and hanging propeller fans. They have multiple sets of blades that spin independently of each other. The sets are connected to a hanging pole which rotates them as they spin on their own.

It’s important to know that there are also some differences between indoor ceiling fan options and outdoor ceiling fan options!

What To Know About Fancy Ceiling Fans

Before you can pick a fancy ceiling fan, you need to think about what your current style is. Are you more of a traditional type, or do you prefer modern style? If you’re not sure, here are some style options for fancy ceiling fans.

Modern Style

Modern style ceiling fans with lights add a stylish touch to any modern living space. They’re usually made from bronze, steel, nickel, or chrome. They also feature clean, simple lines, and neutral colors.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style fans feature smooth, rounded edges, unlike modern ones. They’re usually made from bronze, steel, nickel, and wood. They’re sure to bring sleek contemporary style to any updated space.

Traditional Style

Traditional style fans offer more function than fashion, but they do offer classic style. Their design lends a comfortable, relaxed feel to any space.

Transitional Style

Transitional style chandeliers blend the best of traditional and contemporary design. They’re warm and elegant like traditional fans, but have simple, clean lines like a contemporary fan.

Rustic Style

Rustic style chandelier fans are made from aged materials like wood and steel. They’re simplistic and add warmth to any space. They’re an ideal option for cabins and other rustic spaces.

Know the Flo recommends rustic ceiling fans for customers who want an elegant fan that won’t be too distracting or showy.

Victorian Style

Victorian Style ceiling fans look expensive and ornate. They’ll transport any space back to the Victorian era of the 1800s.

If you’re looking for more unique or elaborate ceiling fan options, check out the following options:

Lantern style:

This style has a lantern-style lighting fixture and looks great in cottages in cabins

Mission style:

This style is based on the popular American Arts and Crafts Movement and features geometric lines

Craftsman style:

This style is also based on the American Arts and Crafts Movement and has a handmade look

Kids’ style:

This style is bright and playful and adds a stylish touch to any kids’ bedroom

Ceiling fans also come in a variety of finishes, which can complement the existing finishes of things like door handles and cabinet hardware. Popular ceiling fan finishes for the base and blades include:

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Matte Black
  • Antique Bronze
  • Black
  • Natural

Other Tips for Picking the Right Ceiling Fan

While the fan design and style is important, there are some other things to consider when purchasing fancy ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fan Motor

Fans come with two different motor options, which impact the power and energy efficiency of your fan.

Alternating Current (AC Motor)

This motor uses an alternating current to power the fan.

Direct Current (DC Motor)

This motor is more advanced and quieter than AC motors.

Ceiling Fan Mounting

The mounting system you pick for your ceiling fan depends on your room’s height and mounting angle. Here are two mounting system types:

Flush Mount

Flush mounts are made for rooms with low ceilings where a low profile is needed. They’re mounted flush to the ceiling with no extra attachment.

Downrod Mount

Downrod mounts are made for rooms with high ceilings, usually 8-feet or higher.

Final Thoughts

Fancy ceiling fans not only add chic style to any space, but they’re also an environmentally-friendly heating and cooling option. This makes them an ideal addition to any home.

Have you purchased a new ceiling fan? Which style did you go? Has it added a fancy feel to your place? Let us know in the comments!

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