The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Selling on Amazon

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Making Money Selling on Amazon

Posted: 20 June 2018

With almost 178 billion dollars in sales in 2017 and further growth expected for 2018, Amazon is a giant in eCommerce sales. If you have been thinking about getting a chunk of the Amazon pie by selling on the platform then the time has never been more ripe to get in there and make money.

However, just as with any other business venture you must carefully and strategically look at the market and find what will work best for you. If you are looking for a guide to making money selling on Amazon then read on to find out more.

1. Making Money Selling On Amazon Is All About Finding The Right Product

If you are looking for products to sell on Amazon then the best way to do that is to look at the bestselling rank of similar products to the ones you would like to sell. Just below the product description on Amazon, you will find the numbers that tell you whether or not a product is selling well. The lower the bestseller rank the better the product is doing.

However, bestselling ranks can be tricky so it’s best to get a tool to help you analyze product data effectively. You can find info here about one of the best tools for analyzing bestseller ranks.

The good thing about using a tool is that it will show you which products are selling well in almost all categories on Amazon. This is valuable information because the bestseller ranks for a baby item and a dog toy can be the same but have a different meaning in terms of sales because of the category.

2. Choose Good Keywords

In the world of Amazon, keywords are king. You have to use the right keywords in order to get your products noticed so you can make money. Use the auto-suggest feature to find out if people are searching for your keywords on Amazon.

The auto-suggest feature goes to work whenever you type a search term in the Amazon search box. The box will usually present you with a drop-down menu of search terms that buyers are searching for.

This feature is to help make it easier for their customers to find what they want but it provides useful information for sellers. You might even find keywords you didn’t think of from looking at the auto-suggested keywords.

Once you have your keywords. Try to use them in your product title without overstuffing it. Use the keywords in the product description as well, so that your product has a greater chance of showing up in search.

3. Sponsor Your Products When Possible

Amazon is a huge marketplace and if you are in a competitive niche you may not have a choice but to sponsor your products. Use several different keywords at the outset of your campaign. The good thing about sponsored ads is that it will show you your most popular keywords through analytics.

In fact, you will often see new keywords surface in your sponsored product analytics that customers used to find your products. These are sometimes keywords you would never have thought of. They provide valuable information that you can use to re-target your campaign in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

Making money selling on Amazon is all about finding the right products. If you use the right keywords and tweak your descriptions then you are well on your way to getting your products noticed. You should also use sponsored ads to get more attention and to find new keywords that work for your product.

If you would like more tips that can help you make your work or life easier please visit our blog where you will find several tips that will help you do just that.

Making Money Selling on Amazon

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