The Ultimate Guide to Summer Style 2018

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Summer Style 2018

Posted: 24 April 2018

Pull out your sunnies and bring back the florals: Summer fashion is officially here for 2018. But, do you find yourself second guessing if last year’s pieces are still in vogue? Don’t let that give you any stress wrinkles.

We’ve got the definitive guide to 8 trends that will keep your summer style of-the-moment and fresh.

1. Pastels

It seems like they make a huge splash every spring.

Yet, pastels won’t be going anywhere for the summer either. Whether you’re feeling more of a robin’s egg blue, dusty rose, or lilac, you can’t go wrong by adding this color family into your summer style.

2. Checks and Florals

Prints can add a little more fun to an otherwise boring outfit.

One of the easiest ways to bring your office wardrobe into 2018 is by adding either a check or floral print. And if you’re into Gucci’s runway looks, this season checks go with literally everything.

Even just adding a floral print button up under your tried-and-true blazer will kick your 2018 summer style up a notch.

3. Primaries

Sometimes, opposites attract.

If pastels aren’t bold enough for you, try adding in some super saturated primaries to your wardrobe.

You can’t go wrong with a bright red, emerald green, or cobalt blue. If you really want to make a statement, try a head to toe primary look.

You can even mix these hues with some pastels to combine two summer trends.

4. TBT: The 80’s

Hoarders rejoice: The 80’s are back in a big way.

So pull out those puffy sleeves and poof-bottomed dresses. Even the black-listed mom jeans are total fashion statement this year.

If it’s a total 80’s throwback, it’s a total winner.

5. Textures

Feel like you can’t find something that’s totally you? Try using different textures and materials.

A few things that are super in for summer style are feathers and fringe.

Another big trend for 2018 is plastic. Whether you incorporate these materials into your accessories or your outerwear, there’s no way your look won’t be totally in.

6. Beachy Vibes

Even if you’re not actually on a beach, there’s nothing wrong with dressing for where you want to be.

Beach style is making a big comeback this summer. Think big tote bags, braids, and sandals.

So even if you’re not on vacation, you can feel like you are.

7. Sporty Chic

Ath-leisure made some big waves this fall, and it’s not taking any breaks for the summer.

Try adding in some striped sweatpants or some chunky tennis shoes. You can even mix these with regular staple pieces like a leather jacket.

You can even try mixing some heels with a tracksuit for a real style statement.

8. Bold Accessories

Accessorizing well can take an outfit from just ok to absolutely fabulous.

This year’s summer accessories are all about big and bold metals. Try out some geometrically inspired earrings or a chunky statement necklace.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to break the bank to refresh your jewelry. Try entering one of our giveaways to get it for free or even shopping secondhand from places like Joli Closet.

Summer Style That’s So You

The summer 2018 trends are all about being playful with your wardrobe.

So have fun with it! To learn more about how you can stay fresh without spending a dime, contact us. We’ll be sure to keep you in the know so you’re always fashion forward.

Summer Style 2018

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