Unusual Gifts for Him That He’ll Actually Use

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unusual gifts for him

Posted: 9 November 2017

Finding a gift for the men in your life can be a real chore.

It’s tempting to give up and buy them socks or underwear; something you know they’ll need at some point but wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Something which can also feel devoid of any special meaning or significance.

What’s a poor gift giver to do? Why not give him the best of both worlds (Miley Cyrus style)?

Keep reading to find some unusual gifts for him which are both practical and personal.

Personalise an Everyday Item

Think about what the man in your life uses every day. Keys? Mugs? Towels? Clothing? A knife? Plates?? Coasters???

Well, you are in luck because the internet is alive and well. There are countless entrepreneurs who would love to make something for you.

Throw an inside joke on one of these items you think he uses the most. Don’t have any inside jokes? Maybe something you know he would find hilarious or something which means a great deal to both of you. A quote? A saying? A Grateful Dead T-Shirt? Heck, even your name or his?

Then every day when he uses it, you know he’ll be thinking of you.

Boys and Their Toys

In case you haven’t clued in, men often are a sucker for the latest technology. Every guy is different though. What does your man like to do?

Is he sporty? Would he want a Fitbit?

Is he a music lover? How about some fresh, high-quality headphones?

If he’s a video game junkie, then go stealth mode and sleuth out what games he may want. Get him the latest Apple tech or the season of his favorite TV show he doesn’t own yet and call it a day.

Unusual Gifts for Him? Beauty Products

Especially if the man in your life is your partner, then this may be more for you than for him. However, with the rise of stylised beards and manscaping, men are beginning to become more particular about their body image.

Here are a few ideas in this realm:

  • Beard oil or beard wash
  • Shoe care kit
  • Expensive cologne
  • Locally made soaps
  • Pocket comb
  • Hair sculpting paste/wax
  • Bodygroomer
  • Shaving kit
  • At home teeth whitening

The last few may make him wonder if you’re trying to tell him something, but they are all great gifts (for everyone involved).

What About a Gift for Free??

Strapped for cash? How would you like unusual gifts for him without spending a dime?

We are giving away countless great gift items from high-quality clothing, to dream vacations, to spa getaways. Find the prize you think could be right for the man in your life, and watch it do wonders for your relationship.

Unusual Gifts For Him


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