What Your Watch Says About You: For Women

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what your watch says about you

Posted: 9 May 2018

Did you know that most people form their first impression of someone they’ve just met in less than 20 seconds, mostly based on their appearance?

People may argue that this is shallow, but we all make our first impressions of people this quickly. Nice clothes really do make the man (and woman).

Visual cues including a person’s clothes, accessories and how they carry themselves all provide insights into someone’s personality.

Have you ever noticed someone’s watch as being particularly sleek? Or even garish?

Read on to see what your watch says about you.

What Your Watch Says About You

Women’s watch trends are constantly changing but the one thing that is always true is that your watch is one of the first things people notice.

Why is that? Well, think about the last time you purchased a watch versus a dress or a suit.

We’re willing to guess that you put much more energy into researching the perfect watch the match your appearance. You probably have several different watches that you wear depending on the occasion.

Classic Watches

The classic women’s watches have timeless designs and are perfect for something that complements your outfits without overpowering them.

These styles are perfect when you want a no-nonsense, sophisticated piece that won’t overshadow your outfit or draw too much attention.

Some designs include thin silver and gold watches and leather watches. We find that the elegant thin watches are perfect for wearing. Due to their elegance, they look great anywhere, from the boardroom to dinner with your friends or family.

A leather watch, on the other hand, shows that the wearer prefers their accessories to be practical and sensible. This classic timepiece gives you whole look a stylish and business-first appearance.

Trendy Watches

Lately, we’ve seen that more and more of the must-have watches for women are moving away from the classic women’s watches to trendier designs.

Some of our favorite trends include women wearing men’s watches, square faces, and tech watches.

The bigger faces of men’s watches make quite a statement on a women’s wrist. These watches are often seen as symbols of ambition and a bold personality.

Square watches are a very new trend, and these watches are often designed by luxury brands. These are the perfect option for women who are looking for a bold accessory that will make them the center of attention of any room that they walk in. This makes them ideal for social gatherings where you want to be noticed.

Another trend in women’s watches is wooden watches. These eco-friendly products are stylish and modern at the same time, and they are especially a favorite among people who champion environmentally progressive companies. As we view more wooden watches, we can see why this trend is taking off!

In the past, many women avoided tech watches because their designs focused more on functionality than appearance. However, all that changed when companies like Apple and Fitbit realized there was a market for watches that are both functional and stylish. We love the convenience associated with these watches, and that it’s easy to swap out the bands giving them the ability to be customized.

What’s Next for Women’s Watches?

It’s never easy predicting what the next big trend will be, but as long as what your watch says about you matters, watches are one accessory that is here to stay!

Find out what’s trending in women’s fashion this summer and start dreaming about relaxing summer nights.

what your watch says about you

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