Are You Wearing Jeans to Work? Here Are 7 Professional Ways to Wear Jeans

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Ways to Wear Jeans

Posted: 26 May 2018

Does the strict uniform of professional work clothes drive you crazy? Maybe you can loosen things up a little bit at your place of employment, without giving in to sloppiness.

Many workplaces are relaxing their dress codes, and you can get away with far more casual attire than you might have ten years ago. You don’t even have to give up wearing jeans to work if you can do it the right way!

Here are four ways to wear jeans at work without looking like you are unprofessional.

1. Casual Fridays

Many offices have started adopting the concept of Casual Fridays as a way for employees to relax a bit at work. If you don’t have important meetings planned, or if your place of employment has an informal atmosphere, you may be able to convince the boss to allow Casual Fridays!

Even the most relaxed workplaces do like their employees to be neat and clean. Don a pair of jeans that fit well and don’t have holes in the knees.

If you top off your jeans with a stylish blouse and a nice belt, that will complete the look. Keep everything professional and neat when you choose jeans for work.

2. Summer Dress Code

During the summer, many people want to loosen up a bit with their wardrobe, especially if they live in a climate where things get steamy.

Your summer fashion picks may include wearing a loose sundress to work or a sleeveless T-shirt.

A nice pair of jeans is acceptable in some workplaces during the summer Teachers may be escorting students on field trips and picnics. You may be inspecting work sites or on the road for tradeshows and conferences. Jeans are appropriate for all of those occasions if worn properly.

Check with your supervisor to make sure it is OK to wear denim at work. So long as you choose a pair of jeans that are well kept, you should be able to present professional demeanor while being comfortable at the same time.

3. Pair with a Stylish Blazer

Everyone loves jeans at work and at play because they are so versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down.

A nice way to wear jeans at work while still looking appropriate for the office or workplace is to add a fitted blazer or jacket. With a pretty pair of heels and a scarf, you will have transformed your jeans into a polished outfit just right for just about any meeting or business obligation.

Blazers are hot this season and come in a rainbow of colors which all look great with denim.

4. Dress up Jeans at Work with Fashionable Accessories

Jeans are also appealing because you can always find a pair which will fit into any budget. Work clothes can get expensive, but you can accessorize jeans with some fun items. You will look good and save your salary as well.

Check out some vintage stores for thrifty finds to perk up your outfits. You may find some cute scarves, costume jewelry and discounted designer handbags.

Great accessories can perk up a pair of jeans enough to make them suitable for work, and they don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg either.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style: Wear Jeans at Work with Panache

Dress up your blue jeans enough to wear to the office on Fridays, summer days or any day. Just make sure you are neatly pressed and professional-looking: you want to look ready to wow your customers, not sweep out the storeroom.

For more fashion tips for dressing for work and play, check out our blog.

Ways to Wear Jeans

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