Why Using a POS System for Your Salon is Genius

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Posted: 28 November 2017

Need administrative and logistics support in the salon without spending a fortune? A point of sales (POS) system is the perfect solution.

A POS system produces thousands of dollars per month in return on investment. Improved efficiency and reduced operating costs are among the many benefits of a POS system.

Perhaps the best benefit is that a POS system will improve the quality of life for management. For a small monthly expense, the hair salon will take advantage of all these benefits.

Read on to learn how a hair salon POS system will boost profits and effectiveness of the team.

A Hair Salon POS System Makes Office Administration Easy

Hair salons typically have hundreds of clients including both regulars and walk-ins. Additionally, some customers request a specific stylist.

It is not easy to manage each stylist’s schedule and ensure that customers get the desired time slot with that specialist.

A POS system makes calendar management easy. Receptionists can view each stylist’s schedule and make appointments in open time slots.

Not only will receptionists benefit, but customers will get all day access to the salon schedule. This means you can reserve appointments conveniently from your home. Appointments can be booked after a salons business hours as well.

POS systems like Salon iris also process payments by credit and debit card. Mobile payment methods like Apple Pay can be processed as well.

Customers will gain the ability to buy home products online. Lastly, the salon can execute targeted marketing campaigns using e-mails and product coupons.

Implementing schedule management and payment processing tools save time. Office management has never been easier.

Inventory Management Also Stands to Benefit

Hair stylists use a lot of supplies. Also, the salon may sell home products to the customer base.

A POS system designed for the hair salon ensures each stylist has adequate supplies. Also, the system generates reminders when the stock is low.

It tracks orders and sales, which will provide owners with valuable operating data. With this information, you can make purchasing decisions based on what products are flying off the shelf or collecting dust.

Reduce Operating Costs and Improve the Bottom Line

Another one of the features of a POS system is clocking employees in and out. This will result in thousands of dollars of cost savings on labor.

Without a time management system, the salon will pay every time an employee arrives late. Over the course of a month, this adds up to a significant cost.

Also, reducing costs means more effective inventory management and efficient service. Considered together, a POS system significantly decreases costs, which grows profit margin.

Wrapping It Up

The benefits of a hair salon POS system are undeniable. Not only will it reduce costs, but also increase efficiency and make work more enjoyable.

Office administration and inventory management stand to benefit enormously.

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