Why was my free listing not published?

All free listings are moderated to ensure that they are suitable for publication here at Blog Giveaway Directory.  Please note that we do not guarantee publication of all giveaways that are submitted.  To guarantee that your giveaway will be listed within 1 business day, please consider purchasing a featured listing.

If it has been 3-4 days and your listing has still not been published, it is likely that your listing violated our terms and conditions.

Our Free Listings

The number one reason that we decline to post giveaways is that your site is commercial in nature.  Our free listings are for bloggers only.

Your giveaway will be deleted or not approved if:

  • your site has a shopping cart or is selling something.
  • your site only exists to promote your business and contains no other useful information besides mentioning products for sale. (Avon, your Etsy Shop, etc.).
  • your site is an Amazon review site.
  • your site is a big name national brand even if the giveaway being posted is on the brand’s blog.

Here are some other common reasons that giveaways are refused.

  • It is on a site that solely exists to harvest people’s information to put them on a contact list (like timeshares).
  • There is a payment required to enter and no option for free entry.  (That’s a raffle and is regulated.)
  • The giveaway is not being hosted by you (i.e. it’s an affiliate link where you make money for each person that enters or get additional entries yourself).
  • The site was put up only to host the giveaway and does not have any other content.
  • It is not a sweepstakes.  We do not list freebies.
  • The prize or site is adult in nature. We do not accept listings for sex toys, porn sites, gambling sites, etc.
  • The giveaway is not hosted on your own site. We don’t accept giveaways hosted directly on Rafflecopter, Gleam, or similar giveaway widget providers. Some of these offer options to promote the url for referrals so we have no idea if the giveaway is yours or not. The giveaway widgets need to be installed on your own site.
  • The prize or content is deemed offensive.
  • You don’t link back to Blog Giveaway Directory.