How to Win a Bathroom Makeover for Free

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Win a Bathroom Makeover for Free

Posted: 9 October 2017

Home renovation can be a lot to take on by yourself.

Between budgeting the right amount of money, knowing what tools to buy, and transforming a space, it’s more work than it seems.

Even a simple bathroom makeover can turn into a headache, no matter how much you love to decorate.

Take the pressure away and enter to win a bathroom makeover to get the look you want without any stress!

Here’s how to master winning online giveaways like getting the bathroom you’ve been wishing for.

Tips To Win A Bathroom Makeover

1. Avoid Scams

As amazing as winning a legitimate online giveaway can be, there are many red flags to look out for.

Never accept a prize you didn’t remember entering a contest for. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve been thinking you want to win a bathroom makeover – if you actually didn’t search for it, don’t respond.

Avoid spam emails and never pay for anything upfront either. This is one of the trickiest contest scams there are. Not only can it take a large sum of money upfront, but it weakens the security of your personal information with access to just one credit card.

Other scam signs are when notices are extremely time-sensitive, or if they don’t address you personally (using “sir” or “madam” instead).

2. Focus Your Efforts

Once you’ve weeded out the good, trustworthy contests to enter, you have to get a strategy going.

The best thing to do is to focus your contest-entering skills on a few opportunities at a time. Otherwise, you will spread yourself thin trying to keep up with multiple entry requirements and announcement dates.

Pick the few makeovers you really want to win.

Narrow your decision down by considering the decorating style of the contest host or the different prizes available. Some may be a full bathroom makeover – labor and new accessories included – while others are only cash prizes to fund a project you take on yourself.

If you’re looking for a full bathroom remodel, read the fine print to double check that’s exactly what you’ll get.

3. Get Excited

Entering different contests may seem a little overwhelming. The forms can easily pile up, as well as the pressure on yourself to win!

Our best tip is to remain optimistic and excited.

Good things happen when you remain patient and confident in the contests you’ve chosen. Sometimes, it may take re-entering a few of the same contests until you’re the chosen winner. Still, it will be an even better feeling when you’re the chosen winner.

Always keep your eyes on the prize. Maybe even get a vision board going for your dream bathroom decor!

Win A Bathroom Makeover From Blog Giveaway Directory

Ready to start entering online contests? Our giveaway directory has a full range of fun opportunities to win a bathroom makeover and more.

Check out our gift card giveaways to start saving for other rooms in the house.

Or, click here for other home decorating contests, tips and tricks!

Stop waiting, the perfect makeover could be just a few clicks away.

Win a Bathroom Makeover


10 Comments on “How to Win a Bathroom Makeover for Free

  1. pamela. knighton

    Please we are on disability my bathroom has been flooded twice we do not have the money to fix up the bathroom it makes me very unhappy looking at it everyday you never realize how a bathroom makes your home. Please help me i would love to have a bathroom makeover , my husband is very sick he takes 4 blood pressure pills everyday

  2. Kathleen A. Willover

    Our master bath is so dated and ugly. My husband is in remission from AML and can’t work so “saving” money to update is impossible. Our home was built in 1989. I think in it’s day it was considered really nice ( there’s even a buday)….but is screaming for a make over!!!

  3. Patty Bennar

    Patty bennar….may 2018….our new home were buying needs a second bathroom.we cant afford to get it done with 4kids..but we desperatly need another bathroom

    Lived in this house 14 years. Never could afford bathroom remodel. House is very small. We live across the street from a loud train so since I couldn’t afford a new bathroom…I made a beautiful English garden in my front yard to enhance my home.

  5. Monica Munroe

    I have a pink an black bath room just brought house not for the bath room but love the house.dont have the money to do anything with would show the house but dread to show that bath and would be happy to show off a new bath

  6. Kasey Wiley

    My daughter contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome. The door to her bathroom is too narrow. the way the room is built it’s hard for her to get in with her wheelchair to go to the bathroom and take a shower , we have a bathtub shower. I would like to have a handicap shower put in and the door widened. with all the other expenses I just can’t get afford to have it done. That’s why it would be nice to win a make over.

  7. Cree

    Hi me and my husband are renting an apartment and my landlord doesn’t want to fix our bathroom. She is to cheap to do it, and I’m about to have a baby soon. I can’t put my baby’s bath tub in there please help!!!


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